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Project your light

Let it out

Bringing art into your daily life


Because no matter WHO you are, WHERE you are or WHAT you do...

It can ALL be expressed from the HEART. And that is ART.


We want to inspire you

to love what you do &

do what you love 

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The Wallets

Watch the Making Of Our 2016 Wallet Collection:

The T-Shirts

Watch the Making of the T-shirts:
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Light Projection began by selling our paper wallets at some of our favorite music festivals. 
As the project grew, we were able to invest our energy in creating our clothing lines and in printing the artworks of ourselves and of our inspirational friends.
We are so grateful and excited to be able to tour to beautiful gatherings across Europe and the U.S. where we can set up our shop and share our artistic passions with you!
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Authentically From the Heart Since 2011